Monday, August 8, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PEX vs Copper

Plumbing debate: PEX vs Copper pipe
Many people face the problem of plumbing in their houses but do not have an idea of the right tubing to use. Moreover, your plumber will give you all the reasons why you should use copper tubing instead of Pex or why you should use DIY Pex instead of copper tubing. Either way, you will only be in a position to understand the right tubing to use if you clearly understand the pros and cons of each apart from one being cheaper than the other. This article endeavors to compare between Pex tube and copper tubing so that you can have an idea of what you can get from each of them.

Pex tubing
Pex tubing is a popular type of tubing that is popular in the Europe dating back from the 1970s. In US, it came in the early 1980s. It is normally made from polymer and the high density polythene. One reason why most people use it is that there is a minimum sound of water passing through it, as it is common with other pipes such as copper. There installation requires less effort because of their light weight that enables the installer to carry them easily. Pex pipes can contract or expand as the weather changes and for that reason, they rarely burst when the temperatures rise or fall. Many researchers have found out that some water pipes are not safe for drinking water because they have the potential of supporting lime, lead, and other types of residues settling in them. This is not the case with Pex pipes because they never allow any residue formation. Pex pipes are cheap to buy and fix because they require less labor. However, Pex cannot be used for outdoor plumbing because they are easily destroyed by the Ultra Violent rays of the sun. The material that makes Pex pipes breaks very easily once exposed to high temperatures.

Copper Tubing
Copper pipes have also been in use for quite a long time and most plumbers prefer it instead of Pex because it is more comfortable to use. One advantage of using copper tubing instead of Pex tubing is that they are strong and can not break easily. They are more dependable especially when used for outdoor PEX plumbing. The UV rays of the sun can never destroy them. What's more, they can be fixed in narrow places without breaking. Most copper pipes are biostatic meaning that they do not allow bacteria growth. However, they are a bit expensive compared to Pex tubing. Copper tubing do not expand or contract in case the water inside them freezes and for this reason, the tubing may either burst or start to leak. They are also heavier than Pex tubing and thus they require a bit more labor to install.

The above comparison between Pex tubing vs. copper tubing was meant to be an eye opener so that next time you want to buy any of them, you will be aware of what to expect. 

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